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What kind of church are you?

We are a non-denominational, full-gospel church that is committed to igniting, inspiring, facilitating, and maintaining a reformation that will grow more glorious until Christ returns.

Who are you related to?

We are an independent, meaning we are self-governed by Pastor and local elders.

What should I expect in church?

Here at ADPC we want your worship experience to be the best hour of your week.  The goal of our worship is to lead you into the presence of God so you can treasure him with both your heart and your mind.  We want to inspire you and teach you how to live out your worship of God in your everyday life.

Music – We primarily sing contemporary praise and worship songs, though we include a traditional hymn (or two) as part of many services.  The worship team is a combination of cymbals and drums. We encourage people to sing along.  Do what feels comfortable to you.

Message – The messages are relevant to life today. You won’t walk away from the service wondering what the pastor said; it will be clear.  We take the teachings of the Bible and turn them into challenges for daily living – challenges that will lead you to a deeper understanding and relationship with God, challenges that will help you live a better life. 

Order of Service – 

Welcome Prayer By Pastor 
Praise & Worship Hymn
Short Time Of Prayer 
Psalms Reading From Bible
Message From Pslams 
Message For  Other Books In Bible (25-30 minutes) 
Closing, with prayer for the offetory and subjects mentioned during testimony

How long does the service last?

That is a great question. They normally last two hours. We understand people are very busy, but we also understand, and greatly desire to spend time in worship, in the Word, in ministry, and in fellowship. Since we do not have a evening service on Fridays we do not rush the Lord, or His people.

What are services timings?

Each Friday, we meet for a Traditional Worship service starting from 08:00PM till 10:30PM at St Andrews Church.      

There is a Contemporary Worship service on Tuesdays from 08:00PM to 10:00PM at the Fellowship Center of St Andrews Church.

What can I expect if I visit you?

We believe you will experience the God of love, and the love of our people. We appreciate people that visit us. Our heart is to welcome you in, and honor you for visiting with us. We do not believe in high pressure sales jobs to get you to come back. We  ask our visitors to stay after the service so that our Pastor can pray for them. It is not mandatory but most of our visitors stay and are extremely blessed.

What should I wear to church?

We believe in dressing modestly. We want people to focus on Jesus and not on what someone is, or is not wearing. Most people dress casual. Don't give a second thought to what you're wearing. We're more concerned with meeting your real life needs than what you wear. We offer a casual and relaxed atmosphere, so just come dressed however you feel comfortable – from jeans/t-shirts to causal/formal wear for men and saree/chudidar for women - So just be yourself and all are welcome!

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